Typical Investment Profile

  1. The company is seed stage or later.
  2. The company has an open angel round of $250k-$5M with confirmed investors.
  3. Deal terms and docs are fully negotiated.
  4. We co-invest with people we know.
  5. The company is pursuing technologies and markets which we understand.
  6. The company is or will become a client of SoCal IP Law Group.
  7. SoCal IP Law Group will have already proposed a budget for IP work from now through the next round – usually 6-18 months.
  8. Our investment will be used to fund the proposed IP work.
  9. Our investment will be done using the same deal docs as all other investors, plus our form agreement that articulates the three-way relationship between the company, our fund, and our law firm.
  10. Our investment will be shown as a credit on our law firm’s books. Our law firm will charge the client normal rates, not higher or lower.
  11. If the credit is not used, it will be canceled and our investment will be reduced. This has never happened.
  12. Our investment strategy is to stick with only the seed stage, and we rarely go into follow-on rounds.